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Honda supports efforts that address the most pressing environment challenges. Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of sato-umi—the convergence of land and sea where human and marine life can harmoniously coexist—Honda set out to address the impact of climate change on our oceans and intertidal areas.

In 2015, Honda began studying the oceanic and aquatic impacts of a rapidly changing climate, such as ocean acidification and rising sea levels. Honda also researched human impacts on marine environments, including water pollution and overfishing. Company representatives met with a number of marine science and management experts to determine the most meaningful ways Honda could contribute. Each meeting reinforced the magnitude of the problem, but also sparked an optimism that cross-sector collaboration could facilitate successful ocean conservation and restoration. From that optimism, the nonprofit Honda Marine Science Foundation was established in 2016.

The foundation annually awards up to $400,000 in grant funds to organizations that implement living shoreline approaches to protect coastal habitat threatened by climate change.

In 2020, the Honda Marine Science Foundation sponsored a report that summarizes the current challenges and opportunities in living shorelines research. It identifies scientific knowledge gaps and opportunities to fund innovative approaches to improving coastal resilience. Click here to download the report.