Honda believes in the Power of Dreams. But believing isn’t enough. As Soichiro Honda said: “Action without philosophy is a lethal weapon; philosophy without action is worthless.” See how we are bringing this idea to life.

The Power of Dreams

Dreams enlighten and challenge us and inspired Soichiro Honda to create a company.

Those dreams continue as Honda brings them to life and moves society forward.

Where will The Power of Dreams take you?


We couldn’t wait for the future — so we’re building it now.

At Honda, The Power of Dreams drives us to create intelligent products that enhance mobility and increase the joy in people’s lives.

We continue to draw inspiration from the visionary ideas of our namesake, Soichiro Honda. He saw incredible power in the freedom of mobility and used his imagination to change the world. It is this mindset that guides us to help move people forward and protect the future we all share.

We strive to earn the trust and support of the many diverse communities we happily serve, and we’ll always remember who’s in the driver’s seat on the way to a better world for all.


continents running Honda equipment or vehicles. Yes, even Antarctica.


of CO2 emissions will be further cut from our products by 2050.*


vehicle collisions starting with model year 2040 vehicles — our most momentous dream yet.*

Always Making History

Founded in 1948 in Hamamatsu, Japan, Honda opened its first U.S. storefront in Los Angeles, CA, in 1959. What began as a nimble operation with eight industrious associates would quickly grow to astounding heights.

How did we do it? We never stop dreaming. In the 70s, we were the first automaker in the industry to voluntarily adhere to emissions standards. Now: We’re advancing robotics, harnessing solar power and releasing a car that emits only water.

Through it all, our goal never changed: create a safer, smarter world in which people experience the joy of mobility.

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First corporate Honda location American honda's first corporate office - Pico Blvd Marquez at MotoGP World Championship Grand Prix 2015 Honda Jet in the air Soichiro Honda with Honda vehicle Honda Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle Honda ASIMO humanoid robot tilts head Acura ILX NASA Endurance Racer

Interactive Timeline

1992 Acura NSX

See where we're going and where we've been.

1992 Acura NSX
1992 Acura NSX

Powered By Dreamers

What makes a Honda is who makes a Honda. It’s our diverse associates who have led us to accomplish so much in making the world smarter, safer and more mobile every day.

Our associates’ energy and drive extends beyond the work day. Their passion for life takes many different forms.

Find out more about the big-hearted dreamers who work at Honda today.



We’re always on the lookout for talented, passionate dreamers.
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Two Honda associates work on the HF-120 — a 2,000-pound-thrust-class turbofan engine that powers HondaJet aircraft.

Honda marks the opening of its Silicon Valley R&D facility with a 2016 Accord featuring Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™.

A Honda associate at the Honda Manufacturing of Alabama facility working on an engine for the 2016 Honda Odyssey.