“Green” Dealers Making A Difference

4/18/2012 2:00:00 PM

I’m excited to launch our Honda Environmental Leadership Award and Acura Environmental Leadership Award programs. The awards go to Honda and Acura dealers who have voluntarily reduced their energy use by 10 percent or more, developed water conservation measures, and implemented a recycling program.  

The Environmental Leadership Award programs are the logical next step in our effort to reduce our company’s environmental footprint in North America. Of course, Honda is known for its fuel-efficient vehicles. But we’ve also spent years continuously improving the energy-efficiency of our manufacturing plants and logistics operations for the shipment of vehicles and parts.  From achieving 10 zero-waste-to-landfill manufacturing facilities in North America, to deploying fuel-saving technologies on our delivery trucks, we’ve taken a variety of steps both big and small to reduce our environmental impact.

Now we are asking our independently-owned Honda and Acura dealers to join us in reducing the environmental impact of their dealerships. Many of them have already taken us up on this challenge. So far, nearly a dozen dealers have earned the award, and many more have applied to be in the program.

Some of our dealers have taken independent steps to minimize their environmental impact by installing solar panels, planting rooftop gardens, installing more energy-efficient air-conditioning and lighting systems, and setting up water-reclaiming car washes.  Others have gone so far as to seek or achieve LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for their facilities.

Of course, saving energy is also a good business strategy for our dealers. In addition to reducing their environmental impact, we believe our dealers will save money on their energy bills due to reduced use of electricity and water.

We’ve designed this program around what we feel are both challenging but achievable targets that are within the reach of most of our 1,300 U.S. Honda and Acura dealers. Now our goal is to engage as many of them as possible in our program, and together achieve the broadest possible benefit for our environment.

Steven Center
Vice President
American Honda Environmental Business Development Office