Honda Rearview Report: December 7 - December 13, 2013

12/13/2013 9:00:00 PM

"This week, we released our ninth annual North American Environmental Report, in which we reported on a number of significant achievements for the fiscal year ended on March 31, 2013 (FY2013), including a 9.5 percent increase in the fleet-average fuel economy of Honda and Acura automobiles for the 2012 model year.

But more than an opportunity to tout our achievements, especially our success in reducing CO2 emissions, this report is an important part of Honda's commitment to transparency in reporting on our environmental impact and our efforts to achieve Honda’s environmental vision.

For instance, for the first time we are reporting on CO2 emissions from the distribution of finished products in North America, where over the past three years we have realized a 17 percent reduction in the CO2 emissions intensity of transporting products from our factories to dealers. Protecting the environment is a never-ending race, and even as we celebrate victories along the way, the team of Honda associates in North America responsible for many of these initiatives is committed to continued efforts to reduce our environmental footprint."

- Robert Bienenfeld, Assistant Vice President American Honda Motor Co., Inc.