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Meet the Autonomous Work Vehicle

The all-electric Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle (AWV) leverages the company's emerging advanced autonomous technology to produce an off-road work vehicle that is designed to support construction-related activities. The Honda AWV represents a new category of capable work vehicle that can provide a wide range of services to a variety of industries that need autonomous operation or delivery solutions, especially where workforce constraints and safety concerns make other solutions impractical.

The Honda AWV employs a suite of sensors to operate autonomously, using GPS for location, radar and lidar for obstacle detection and stereoscopic 3D cameras for remote monitoring. The ability to operate autonomously – or via remote control – and carry large payloads, makes the Honda AWV a suitable platform for many work environments.

Want to Learn More?

Contact us if you are a construction company interested in more information about partnering with Honda for field testing opportunities and/or a demonstration of the Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle at a construction site.