Striving for Zero Environmental Impact

At Honda, we take great care to consider the environmental impact of everything we do, and everything we make. By 2040, Honda will sell 100% zero emission electrified vehicles in North America.

Advancing Electrification

As part of our mission to engineer a sustainable future, Honda is targeting sales of 100% zero emission electrified vehicles in North America by 2040. On the path to 2040, we will launch two all-new full electric SUVs in 2024, starting with the Honda Prologue.


Securing a Carbon-Free Future through Virtual Power

Tackling CO2 emissions is the biggest challenge that our society faces today. That's why we've entered into long-term virtual power purchase agreements for renewable wind and solar power that will cover more than 60% of the electricity that Honda uses in North America. Learn how we'll achieve a carbon-free future with our new wind and solar power investments.

Sustainable Manufacturing

The biggest environmental impact from vehicles, other than driving them, is from building them. That’s why Honda continues to find ways to make all aspects of our operations more sustainable.


Environmental Leadership Award Program

Over the past decade, hundreds of authorized Honda and Acura dealers and distributors across the U.S. have joined the Honda Environmental Leadership Award “Green Dealer” Program as they seek to measurably reduce their environmental footprint. We realized that other businesses could benefit from our program too, so we’re openly sharing it with the world to measurably reduce our impact together.


Honda Smart Home

We created a home to enable zero-carbon living by minimizing two large sources of carbon: houses and cars.


Environmental Reports

Sharing Our Progress

Honda values transparency and accountability, so we’re excited to share the steps we’re taking to lessen the environmental impact of our operations and of the products that we create for you.

Find out how we’re cutting CO2 emissions, conserving energy and water, and reducing waste across the board in our latest sustainability and environmental reports.