Honda does more than create sustainable products and processes, our dedication to reducing our environmental footprint inspires how we work in every way. We’re on a mission to ensure Blue Skies for Our Children, protecting the Earth for future generations.

Honda “Green Path”

We’ve transformed how we operate at every level. From design and manufacturing to transportation and sales, we’re reducing our environmental impact in all areas of operation. And we’re voluntarily working to further reduce our CO2 emissions by 50% by the year 2050 compared to a year 2000 baseline.


Securing a Carbon-Free Future through Virtual Power

Tackling CO2 emissions is the biggest challenge that our society faces today. That's why we've entered into long-term virtual power purchase agreements for renewable wind and solar power that will cover more than 60% of the electricity that Honda uses in North America. Learn how we'll achieve a carbon-free future with our new wind and solar power investments.

Smaller Footprint, Bigger Savings

With a carbon-free future in mind, we’re proud to introduce Honda SmartCharge™, the most advanced technology of its kind in the auto industry. Introduced as a beta program to Honda Fit EV drivers, the app determines the best time to charge electric vehicles, adjusting to electric grid conditions to reduce customer costs and CO2 emissions.


Our Most Fuel-Efficient Lineup Ever

From our passenger vehicles to our light trucks, we’re always looking for ways to improve fuel economy. As part of our mission to engineer a sustainable future for human mobility, we strive to improve efficiency in every line and model year of our vehicles.

At Honda, we’re driven to lead the way to better fuel economy ratings.


Engineering Our Future

Honda associates are dreaming up more sustainable solutions for a smarter, more mobile world, from higher-efficiency engines, to advanced Honda hybrids, to transformative zero-emission vehicles capable of harnessing renewable energy.

We are determined to be forever at the forefront of creating a cleaner planet.

Photo by Derek Shapton


“Green Dealers”

Honda has developed a trailblazing sustainability program for Honda dealerships to help them measurably reduce their energy use. We realized that other car dealerships and businesses of all kinds could benefit from our program too, so we're openly sharing it with the whole world. Together, we have the potential to power every business with 100% renewable energy.


Honda Smart Home

We created a home to enable zero-carbon living by minimizing two large sources of carbon: homes and cars.


Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle

Using hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity, the next fuel-cell vehicle by Honda emits only water.


Environmental Film Series

Great dreams can come from anywhere. See how Honda associates create sustainable solutions.


Environmental Reports

Sharing Our Progress

Honda values transparency and accountability, so we’re excited to share the steps we’re taking to lessen the environmental impact of our operations and of the products that we create for you.

Find out how we’re cutting CO2 emissions, conserving energy and water, and reducing waste across the board in our latest sustainability and environmental reports.


What We're Up To

Every Drop Counts

Find out what happens when a retired Honda engineer sends in his sketch to improve efficiency.


Never Ending Race

The environmental challenge has no finish line. Watch how our industry-shaking achievements led the world.


2020 Accord Hybrid

Dynamic performance, unparalleled design and intelligent driving make it the perfect choice for anyone who loves driving and the environment.