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Creating a Society Without Collisions

We are passionate about the safety of not just everyone who gets in a Honda, but of everyone who shares the road with them too — from other drivers, to bicyclists, to pedestrians.

That’s why we are leading society toward a radically transformed mobility experience, one that is safer than most can currently even imagine. Our goal is a world where crashes simply no longer happen. But that’s not all — we also envision that the future zero-collision mobility experience will be far faster and with zero carbon emissions.

We call this dream a Cooperative Car Society, and we’re already working hard to make it real. It will be made possible by a remarkable convergence of technologies, including self-driving cars, connectivity between vehicles and everyone else on the road, and other unprecedented collision-stopping capabilities.

“We have a responsibility — to each other, to our industry, and, most importantly, to society — to think bigger.” —Frank Paluch, President of Honda R&D Americas, Inc.

On the way to building this collision-free world, highly automated vehicles will become the platform for a completely transformed mobility experience.

Starting at Model Year 2020

People, vehicles and infrastructure will be connected like never before through an omni-directional safety system. New technologies will emerge that will reduce driver workload and enable a 50% reduction in crashes involving model year 2020 Honda vehicles.

Starting at Model Year 2030

It won’t be only model year 2030 cars that are connected now. By this time technology will have comprehensively linked all road users, including pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcycle riders.

Starting at Model Year 2040

Model year 2040 Honda-connected vehicles will be collision-free, paving the way for radical changes in the way people move and live. We wholeheartedly expect our efforts in this area to inspire other vehicle makers too, and we look forward to being inspired by them in turn.

Starting at Model Year 2050

Model year 2050 cars will have converged into a network of intelligent, interconnected machines — unleashing our dream of a truly Cooperative Car Society. Using their advanced sensing and relational capabilities, these smart machines will be continuously communicating back and forth with the world around them, and getting smarter and safer all the time.

Best of all: crashes will be a thing of the past.

We can think of no greater goal than saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.