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Virtual & Real-World Tests

Honda is a mobility company—we move people. But, for us, safety is an enormous priority. We don’t just want to move you; we want to move you safely.

Real World Tests

That’s why we created another world’s first: a multi-directional crash test facility. Our multi-directional vehicle-to-vehicle crash test facility at the Tochigi R&D center opened in 2001 and is the world's first indoor all-weather facility of its type. In addition to standard barrier tests, the facility tests in situations that simulate actual traffic collisions between vehicles.

Virtual Tests

To supplement these tests, Honda partnered with 3DEXCITE to develop software that results in extremely reliable, accurate, and cost-effective crash simulations. These simulations are so accurate that the metal deformation from a virtual test and a real test can differ as little as 15mm. The simulations can also be run again and again with differing inputs/parameters in a much smaller time period. This kind of flexibility and affordability allows Honda to make the road safer for everybody on it by engineering for worst case scenarios in an unprecedented way. See more in the video below.